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Ben Carson ASKED What Is Best For People On Welfare – HIS RESPONSE IS SIMPLY AMAZING!

Dr. Ben Carson uttered the best confirmation hearing response EVER when quizzed during his hearings earlier this week!

Republican North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis asked Ben Carson what would be the best thing to do for someone living off government assistance. Carson quickly replied, “Get them off it,” as per LA Times.

The former Republican presidential candidate shocked the entire room with this blunt, no-nonsense, and rapid response to a question which should have been pondered by career politicians decades ago.

The simple solution is generally always the best. Carson added he also firmly believes far too many people have been warehoused in public housing.

Ben Carson will be the first Department of Housing and Urban Development head who has ever actually been poor and survived living in a government housing project. It is exciting to think about the wonders a highly intelligent and compassionate man with Carson’s personal background will do for the gluttonous federal program.

The American taxpayers spent $47 billion to keep HUD afloat. Each year, the program grows in the number of participants – a true recipe for economic disaster. During the Obama administration, more people signed onto the government dole than were actually working and paying into the over-burdened system.

“I don’t think we have to continue to come to the government for everything,” Dr. Carson added. The North Carolina senator said the GOP majority does not plan to dismantle rental assistance programs and the like, but he wants to reform and improve HUD for all those who live in public housing, especially the children.

Dr. Carson noted when asked that he still does not believe in gay marriage. While his Christian beliefs do not prompt him to support “extra rights” for LGBT citizens, the pending HUD secretary said he will always support the “laws of the land.”

“When it comes to entitlement programs, it is cruel and unusual punishment to withdraw those programs before you provide an alternative,” Dr. Carson added.

Ben Carson, 65, detailed his childhood and upbringing during his statement in the opening of the hearing. Carson may have spent his early years in poverty but was raised by a loving mother who staunchly instilled the value of having a good education in all her children.

“A good CEO doesn’t necessarily know everything about the business…but he knows how to pick those people and use them,” Dr. Carson continued. “The Fair Housing Act is one of the best pieces of legislation we’ve had,” Carson said. “LBJ said no one could possibly question this, and I agree with it.”

Carson grew up in a “dilapidated” public housing project in Detroit, the Los Angeles Times reports. In the neighborhood where Donald Trump’s nominee for HUD secretary grew up, the average life expectancy of his peers was only 25 years old.

What do you think about Ben Carson’s answer to what the best thing to do for people on government assistance?

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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