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Benghazi Film “13 Hours” Nominated For Oscar, LOOK What Academy Does Hours Before…

Politics seems to be alive and well at the Oscars.

One of the sound mixers working on “13 Hours,” Greg Russell, had his nomination for his work on the film revoked by the Academy, via Washington Examiner.

I have to say, this is low, even for the liberal Academy.

This film is about the soldiers who defended the embassy in Benghazi until death. Obviously, the Hollywood liberals, who are all obsessed with Hillary Clinton, don’t take kindly to a film on this subject.

So, it seems the Academy had to find a way to take a shot at the conservatives behind the film, in any way they can.

While the film itself still remains in play for the award, it has now been given a black eye. Even if the film wins the award and the remaining three sound mixers take home the hardware, everyone will be asking if it was the “rules violations” by Russell that caused the win to happen.

The Academy is alleging Russell illegally campaigned for the award by making people aware of his role in the film.

Anyone who does not live under a cloud knows EVERYONE in the industry does this for the people behind the scenes to make sure they get the credit they are due.

However, I cannot EVER recall someone else being disqualified on the eve of the ceremony for this reason.

To me, this is nothing more than a statement by liberal Hollywood to impact the overall opinion of the movie, knowing full well that it is going to get some headlines tonight, bringing even more awareness of Hillary and Obama’s role in causing the death of four Americans, including an ambassador.

Very rarely do I watch award shows because they have become nothing more than platforms for these snowflake liberal actors to make a speech against conservatism. This has gotten even worse since Trump won the election.

This late and vindictive move by the Academy to disqualify Mr. Russell is yet another reason to boycott the show. While I wish Mr. Russell’s fellow sound mixers luck and hope they win tonight, they will do so without me watching.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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