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‘Bikers For Trump’ Set to Be The LARGEST Pro-Trump Demonstration at The Inauguration

As the nation prepares for the uniquely American spectacle of a public inauguration as the 45th president takes the oath of office on the steps of the capitol, various groups both pro- and anti-Trump are finalizing plans to gather in Washington D.C. to celebrate or commiserate.

A Women’s March on Washington set for January 21, the day after the inauguration, originally planned as an expression of the concerns some women have about Donald Trump, has now ballooned into a massive so-called a “vibrant collaboration” encompassing every progressive agenda item on its wish list from Civil Rights to Occupy Wall Street name-checking underground railroad heroine Harriet Tubman and transgender activist Sylvia Rivera and calling for the rights of “sex workers,” an end to “police brutality” and LGBTQ-compliant birth certificates.

Last minute additions to the program include members of groups claiming that women suffer more from climate change and industrial pollution, making the progressive roll call complete.

The organizers have provided suggested ideas for signs for the event, with one reading: MY BODY, MY COICE, MY INSATIABLE THIRST FOR REVENGE.

Estimates of the anticipated attendance are as high as 200,000 and organizers are bragging that the march will far outnumber those who will be attending Trump’s inauguration.

But if the professional agitators for the left think they will be taking over public space in Washington D.C. during inauguration weekend, they hadn’t counted on “Bikers for Trump,” a group that, though smaller in number than the Women’s March participants, is high on enthusiasm.

Chris Cox, the founder of the biker group had to fight with the National Park Service to obtain the necessary permit for the gathering after learning that all public space permits had been granted to the anti-Trump groups intending to disrupt the inauguration.

Cox expects around 5,000 bikers to gather in the capital, making it the largest pro-Trump rally by a private group in the city during the weekend.

Calling the event a “halftime rally,” Cox said the group is planning to host speakers and musical performers at John Marshall Park, near the U.S. Capitol Building and the parade route.

Despite the stereotyped image of bikers as tough, even criminal gang members to be feared, many groups like Bikers for Trump are simply motorcycle clubs formed by veterans and older Baby Boomers, including professionals and other “weekend warriors” who are involved in community activities like Toys for Tots.

Despite the volatility of emotions surrounding President-elect Trump’s election as evidenced during the primaries and campaigns when anti-Trump protesters – including paid agitators, deliberately attacked Trump supporters, Cox doesn’t anticipate trouble.

“I’m confident the police have learned from Arizona, Chicago and a lot of other places where things got out of hand. I think it will be a lot like Cleveland and they will have beaucoup police presence.”

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Source: Usherald

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