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Bill Maher Blathers: Trump Is ‘Capable’ Of Political Assassinations, Just Like Putin [VIDEO]

Bill Maher told his panel Friday night that he believes President Donald Trump is “capable” of ordering the murder of his political enemies, just like he thinks Vladimir Putin has.

“Do you believe Vladimir Putin has ordered the murder of people? Do you think Trump is capable of that,” the HBO host asked his panel in a segment that only aired on YouTube.


Conservative activist Ralph Reed Jr. and GOP strategist Kristen Soltis Anderson answered “no” in agreement before Maher interjected, “because I do!”

“I think he loves dictators,” Maher continued. “Loves the way they behave. Compliments them all the time. What do you think… Donald Trump is capable of ordering murder?”

“I would not hazard a guess, but I would say he’s capable and likely to fire Bob Mueller, if he can at some point” Bloomberg Business week reporter Joshua Green responded.

“I think if he thought he could get away with it he would,” CNN contributor Michael Weiss explained. “But one thing we’ve learned is the resiliency of American institutions has checked this guy tremendously.”

Maher ended the discussion by saying, “time will tell.”

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