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HE DID IT: Bill O’Reilly Just Said What Everyone Else Was Thinking About McCain

Former Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly, said he knows exactly why Senator John McCain torpedoed Obamacare repeal.

“I think this is about Trump,” O’Reilly explained, “I think McCain despises Trump so much because of the POW comment during the campaign.” He added that McCain plans to “make it impossible for Trump to have any kind of legislative victories.”

Bill O’Reilly made the shocking statement while appearing on the “The Glenn Beck Program” Friday night. However, Glenn Beck thinks there is more to this story.

O’Reilly referred to an insult issued by President Trump in 2015 where the then-presidential candidate claimed that McCain was no war hero for being captured.

According to O’Reilly, McCain is lashing out against President Trump for the personal insult. However, the Senator has been opposed to conservative positions for longer than Trump has been a politician.

“I think John McCain — you’re right — hates Donald Trump,” Glenn Beck agreed. “But I think John McCain hates the tea party and the conservative wing, the small-government constitutionalists […] much more than he hates Donald Trump.”

Glenn Beck explained that McCain has a long history of supporting the establishment–and Left wing policy–despite running on conservative principles.

McCain was held in a POW camp and has served on Capitol Hill for three decades. He is too effective of a politician to allow a personal grievance to change his position.

It is more likely that McCain is a establishment politician who is willing to say anything to get elected. McCain is either a RINO and a traitor to the conservative movement, or he is so thin-skinned that he has no place in the halls of Congress.

McCain has a long record of lying to win his senate campaigns. For example, McCain consistently talks tough on illegal immigration while regularly siding with Democrats on illegal immigration. In fact, every major amnesty bill allowing illegal immigrants to stay in America has been co-sponsored by McCain, Breitbart reported.

McCain is the establishment wing of the GOP. He regularly lies to win election only to side with Democrats when it counts.

McCain cannot be allowed to win another election. President Trump cannot drain the swamp alone. If we are truly committed to ending corruption then we must oust the swamp monsters.

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