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Bill O’Reilly had a fascinating segment on The Factor the other night. He posed the question whether Barack Obama intentionally create a chaotic situation for the new Trump administration. And concludes that if it can proved that he did, that’s subversion.

O’Reilly said indictments may be needed, laying out the facts that we know, as well as many of the possibilities that are as yet unknown.

There are only two known facts at this point:

First, that General Michael Flynn was captured on a wiretap talking to the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. That wiretap happened, but we do not know who ordered it, or the details of it.

The second point has two parts.

Someone leaked the conversation between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador to the Press. And that’s a FELONY.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, working for President Obama, ordered the rules about shared intelligence changed just before Obama left the office.

So why did AG Lynch do that? Did Mr. Obama order the change?

It’s very important that we, the American people, know, because by sharing raw, unvetted, information with the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies one opens up the potential for leaks. And that’s exactly what happened.

In addition, some of President Trump’s calls to foreign heads of state, such as the Mexican President and Prime Minister of Australia were also leaked to the Press.

The Obama administration may have intentionally created chaos for the Trump administration. And if that in fact happened, it’s subversion.

Congress must get to the bottom of what happened, and who was involved. There are now ongoing investigations in the House and the Senate to find out if Russian officials colluded with the Trump campaign. So far there is no evidence of that.

We also don’t know anything solid about the wiretaps and leaks.

Watch the O’Reilly segment from Fox here:

Congress has a lot of extremely important work ahead to find out the details of what happened.

The American people need to know!

H/T Conservativeworlddaily

Do you think Obama, Lynch, and others have undertaken subversive acts? Share your opinions in the Comments section.

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