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Billionaire Liberal Celeb DEMANDS Trump Open Border, Wakes Up to GROSS Surprise

J.K. Rowling is the world-renowned author of the Harry Potter series. Despite having no political expertise, she has taken it upon herself to attack Trump supporters on Twitter and call for Trump to open America’s borders.

Since she spewed her hate for Trump, people have been calling for Rowling to put her money where her mouth is. Tweets and petitions have been rushing in, asking that Rowling open her mansion in Scotland to those who are seeking asylum, since she wants them in OUR country so badly. 

Thousands of Tweets came in and, in the first two hours, the petition gained around 1,000 signatures. The creators of the petition say that if Rowling wants more refugees, then she should be putting her “18 spare bedrooms” to use.

Twitter users have also started a campaign on social media, titled “Tear Down Those Mansion Walls” where 92 percent of 27,000 voters have agreed that Rowling should be homing these refugees since she is so concerned about their welfare.

Mike Cernovich, an American conservative attorney and author, stated that he would pay for 100 refugee’s plane tickets if they could live in Rowling’s mansion for a year. And many of the public agreed with him.

Believe me, Rowling’s got the room. In addition to her excessive amount of bedrooms, she also has 162 acres of property near Aberfeldy. Her “Killiechassie Estate” has one building with seven bedrooms in addition to a second two-bedroom house.

She also owns a home in Edinburgh, which showcases Harry Potter-like tree-houses that would, no doubt, be more expensive homes than any refugee could ever hope to have.

Her empty bedrooms aren’t the only way Rowling is hypocritical. She built 30 foot hedges around her property for privacy. When the hedges require a trim it takes three days to complete and the equipment from the landscaping crew severely holds up traffic. But hey, Donald Trump is a racist for wanting to build that wall, right?

It seems as though Rowling wants others to “do right” by the immigrants, as long as it doesn’t inconvenience her. It’s easy to sit on twitter from your empty secluded mansions and talk about how the taxpayers should welcome refugees as neighbors.

Rowling hasn’t responded to the petition, or to any of the many tweets. Hopefully she is actually reflecting on her perspective and realizing that she’s been a hypocrite. Somehow, though, I doubt it.

The liberal elitists of the world want people to do what they tell them to do, and always claim the moral high ground regardless of if they deserve it. Besides, I think Rowling and other global elites should keep their noses out of the business of the US. We fought for our independence from England for a reason!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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