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Black Lives Matter Rioters Blocking Traffic Get a BRUTAL DOES OF JUSTICE [WATCH]

Under Barack Obama’s presidency, Black Lives Matter protesters have made a habit out of blocking traffic on highways to bring home their race-baiting points. This week, however, a group of BLM protesters learned the hard way that this kind of behavior will no longer be tolerated in Donald Trump’s America.

Daily Caller reported that a group of protesters who blocked a highway in Richmond, Virginia on July 18 learned this week that they will be getting prison time for their actions. The thirteen protesters blocked Interstate 95 during rush hour and chanted “Black Lives Matter!” and “No justice, no peace, no racist police!” Police arrived within an hour and arrested each of the race-baiters.

On Monday, the plead guilty to illegally blocking traffic and were each sentenced to five days in prison.

“It was rush hour. They put themselves in danger, and they put other people potentially in danger, so we thought that five days in jail was an appropriate punishment,” said Davis Powell, a prosecutor for the case.

A list of the protesters revealed that only one of them was actually from Virginia’s capitol. Six of the protesters were from other cities in Virginia, while the other six were from California, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. This is an indication of the “career protesters” who spent their time traveling around the country to cause trouble in the name of whatever the hot issue of the day is.

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Source: Webdaily

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