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BlackLivesMatter Woman Demands Trump’s Assassination, She Didn’t Expect THIS Severe Backlash!

The BlackLivesMatter movement has seriously become a terrorist organization and this latest antic proves it, but their antics do not always work out well.

After sympathizer Kalen Rahim tweeted her call for the assassination of an American President, she woke up to some bad news.

She tweeted: “All you Worcester gangsters and what not. You clearly have a mission on Wednesday. Kill Donald Trump.”

The next day, Donald Trump was still going to be her President, but she got fired from her job. Apparently, her employer doesn’t associate with race-baiters or people who threaten the President. GOOD!

Seems like the stupid is big in Worcester. I imagine besides losing her job, Kalen Rahim was contacted by the Secret Service. But there’s more!

A local blog, TurtleBoy Sports posted an article about disrupting a scheduled Trump event in Worcester. “The Donald was scheduled to speak to yet another standing room only crowd, with another 3,000 outside who just couldn’t fit, which prompted Rahim’s stupid “assassination” threat, and which ultimately got back to her employer, Explore Talent, who gave her the boot, firing her from her job.

Rahim has been involved in BlackLivesMatter protests in Massachusetts and elsewhere over the past year.

BlackLivesMatter in Worcester also created a Facebook page to disrupt Trump’s visit, although after it went viral, it was taken down by either the creator or Facebook. But thanks to screenshots… Read for yourself this insanity!

BlackLivesMatter Woman Demands Trump’s Assassination, She Didn’t Expect THIS Severe Backlash!

Look, Turtleboy is not here to debate what Donald Trump is and isn’t politically. Turtleboy is here to stand up for free speech. If Donald Trump wants to say what he says, then he’s free to do so. You can listen to him or you can protest him. Both are your rights as an American citizen.

H/T Joeforamerica

But with that being said, this is just juvenile kid shenanigans. First of all, it doesn’t make any sense. First they say that they want all their friends to get two tickets each. Then they say the reason for doing this is to “make the seats empty,” presumably because they will throw the tickets in the trash. Then in the same breath this genius says that the plan is to “jeer and heckle the Ku Klux Klanidate and his supporters.”

Of course, TurtleBoy is absolutely correct.

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