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BLM Activist Attacks White Cop For Shooting Terrorist and Tucker DESTROYS Him

Following the Ohio State terrorist attack yesterday, you may have seen this DESPICABLE Tweet by Tariq Nasheed.  He questioned whether the Police Officer who shot the terrorist and saved COUNTLESS lives should be considered a hero…


This is PURE racism. He is attacking the white police officer instead of celebrating the fact that he shot a terrorist who was stabbing other students. Well Tucker Carlson had Tariq on his show in an EXPLOSIVE segment that is going viral!

(Watch The Video Below)

Tucker tells him how “cowardly” of a statement he made because he didn’t explain what he meant by saying “that’s interesting.” Tucker asks, “Why is that interesting, would it have been better if this guy, the murderer, had continued to hack people with a butcher knife, is that what you’re saying?”

Tariq then tried to say WHITE AMERICANS were playing the “race card” by pointing out that this was a Somali refugee.

Tucker pointed out the series of RADICAL tweets Tariq made and specifically the one where he refused to even call the attacker a terrorist.  

Tucker asked, “If you drive your car through a crowd of people, and murder someone with a knife, are you not a terrorist?” 

WATCH this explosive clip and SHARE this on Facebook to expose this race-baiting liberal!

After the segment, this guy had the NERVE to call Tucker Carlson a “White Supremacist”


This guy is sickening… WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

Source: Subjectpolitics

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