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BLM Claims A Black Man Was “Lynched,” But The Police Told The Truth Instantly

A social group named Black Lives Matter settled in Minneapolis, was claiming that a black man was “lynched”, but after few hours the truth appeared on the surface. This group did nothing else but humiliate its position among other social justice groups.

On Tuesday, photos of supposedly “lynched” black man in Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul appeared on Facebook, posted by Davion Gatlin, a man who probably was in a hurry to spread out a false news.

“[W]e ride pass the park around 6 a.m. and witness a brother hanging dead from a tree! “They still killing us and we still killing each other! #MakeGoViral,” Davion Gatlin posted, as Washington Times reported. As Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported this post had more than 11,000 shares in 13 hours.

The photo of the black man “lynching” was re-shared by various Minneapolis and St. Paul’s Black Lives Matter groups, and as stated in Minneapolis Star-Tribune, they were claiming that the black man had tied hands behind his back.

Apparently, Black Lives Matter and other social activists decided to see what they wanted to see: A black man who is lynched by police officers.

But this is not the truth.

As Pioneer Press wrote, the man was, in fact, Micheal Robert Bringle, a white man, and it wasn’t a matter of “lynching” but it was a suicide. Pioneer Press also reported that his hands were not tied.

The St. Paul Police Department denied the news of the “lynching” and stated that Bringle’s family feels additional pain which had been “compounded by the inconsiderate and downright disgusting act” of re-sharing the post.

Even after Facebook removed the Davion Gatlin’s post, he still responds that his intention was to “expose the truth on these officers and what they do us.”

Not really. He only showed how idiotic he can be.

Ultimately, one Black Lives matter group made an apology for the mistake.

Other Black Lives Matter group stated that they didn’t intend to “spread lies.”

It’s shocking that when this social justice groups found out that Bringle was white, his death didn’t seem to matter anymore.

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