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BOMBSHELL: Students Revolt Against Liberal Teacher…Leftists Are FREAKING OUT!

It’s one thing for youth around the nation to take to the streets in angry frustration, calling out white America for perceived injustices against minorities and shouting “Black Lives Matter” mantras wherever people will listen.

And it’s one thing for students on college campuses to take up ’60s-style marching and rallying for the same “Black Lives Matter” cause.

But administrators?

One would think teachers and staffers at schools would have better judgment than to join the fray. Apparently, not all do.

“A liberal teacher at a California high school decided to showcase his support for the violent and racially divisive radical group Black Lives Matter,” the blog Mad World News reported. “Pinning a ‘Black Lives Matter’ button to his shirt, he strolled into the school, spewing his leftist agenda.”

The students weren’t impressed – and thus the glimmer of hope.

The predictable end to the story would have been that students hailed the teacher a hero and joined in his button-wearing protests, perhaps taking the silent rallying to a louder level and holding actual megaphone-blaring events on campus.

But that’s not what happened in this case.

“Just one day after he sported the left-wing propaganda, the Clovis Unified School District told [David] Roberts, who has subbed for 15 years, that he will no longer be teaching at the district because he was pushing a ‘political message,’”The Fresno Bee reported. “The school added that it was not the faculty or staff who had brought it to their attention but his own students who reported his biased behavior.”

Talk about an unexpected finish…especially in California.

“Roberts cluelessly clung to the notion that all the students think like him,” the news blog said. “However, Roberts doesn’t stand with the students, at least not all of them. That’s why several were outraged at his display.”

People are starting to feel a little safer about this whole true equality thing, without liberals shoving their agenda down everyone’s throats.

Source: The Fresno Bee

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