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BOMBSHELL – Trump’s Travel Ban Stopped 24 Terrorists From Attacking the US. MEDIA SILENT.

Our country is under attack, but liberals simply refuse to admit it.

During a recent press conference, the Trump administration provided a list of 24 examples of refugees from the seven countries listed on the travel ban arrested for terror-related charges.

This is fact, and there is no denying it. That is the world conservatives live in.

Liberals, however, are still living in fantasyland and even when they are faced with the cold, hard truth, they simply deny it and claim it to be an “alternative” fact.

It is actually not the right presenting alternative facts, it is the left, and that is the word that we need to spread throughout the country.

You see, America has been forced to read alternative publications to learn the truth because most of the mainstream outlets refuse to report the entire story.

How many times have we already caught CNN selectively editing quotes or photos to promote a liberal narrative to a story?

When Kellyanne Conway said “alternative facts,” she was not saying facts that have been twisted, she was discussing facts presented by the alternative media. This does not make them fiction, they are merely coming from an outside source, but they are still facts.

So, let me present a couple of questions to you, patriots. How many of you have heard about the arrests of terrorists trying to come into our country from the travel ban countries? How many headlines have you seen that put Trump’s travel ban in any type of positive light?

I don’t see any hands up because they are NEVER reported by the mainstream media! It is the left’s constant effort to hide the truth so everyone thinks everything is perfectly fine in this country.

And why would they want to do that? So people like George Soros can get their way and flood this country with illegals and refugees to force the destabilization of our government, that’s why!

We are at war, patriots, and while there is no blood being spilled in this “news” war, eventually, if the left gets their way, we will see the blood of Americans spilled on our streets at the hands of illegal immigrant criminals and terrorist refugees that have slipped through the cracks.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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