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BOOM! 8 Racist Muslims Attack White Woman, Husband Makes Them Instantly Regret It

Muslims have ZERO respect for women. Their religion dictates this, and for some reason they think the rest of the world, even Americans, will tolerate their ignorance.

When a group of Muslims showed that disrespect to Kyle Tyrrell’s wife and attacked her, he stood up for his wife and used his military training to teach them a quick lesson in how we defend our women rather than disrespect them, via Daily Mail.

The fight took place on January 24 of last year, and no charges were placed. Tyrrell, a retired lieutenant colonel, claims that both race and culture motivated this attack. They called his wife a “white sl**” and a “white wh***.”

They were in Victoria’s Surf Coast at Cosy Corner beach. One of the migrants put a crab pot into the water, and Liana told him that the beach was a sanctuary where fishing is against the law.

Well, they didn’t like a woman talking back to them, so they began to swear at her.

Liana, whose daughter was also present, just tried to ignore them and walk away. However, that only seemed to enrage the men more, which is when they attacked her.

Of course, Tyrell’s response to the attack has upset the delicate sensibilities of liberals, so he wanted to set the record straight about what happened.

He stated that the men were Muslim, and that if it happened again, he would “do it again in a heartbeat.”

He also added, “His mates got close to me, and then he made a run for my wife. That’s when I ran at him, he threw a punch, which I ducked, and the fight started. At no time could either my wife, daughter, or I safely walk away,” he stated. I think this is completely understandable — they were attacking his wife and had his whole family surrounded.

He continued on by stating that five more men tried to join in the fight, and one was punching his wife as she was trying to get their daughter away from the violence. One of the men allegedly stated, “Your husband needs to teach you a lesson.”

At least someone is willing to stand up to these lawless migrants, who think they can do anything they want. Tyrrell said he would do that for any woman who was in this situation.

This was the right thing to do. These migrants can’t just break laws and threaten women — and at least this group of thugs was taught a quick lesson in respect.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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