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BOOM! Chelsea Clinton Attacked President Trump, So Juanita Broaddrick DESTROYED Her

In what appears to be an effort to dip her toe in the political water, Chelsea Clinton is jumping on the anti-Trump train. Taking to Twitter, she has called Trump’s work to clean up our problems with illegal immigration “horrifying,” “sick,” and “awful.”

While Chelsea was attempting to rally an argument against Trump, the exercise backfired. Juanita Broaddrick called out her father as “horrifying, sick, and awful.” 

Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton of raping her back in 1978 when he was the Arkansas Attorney General.

She has also accused Hillary of trying to silence her. So, when Chelsea took to social media using words like “sick” and “awful”, its understandable that the floodgates opened up.

Apparently Chelsea didn’t realize that Twitter is a public platform. I guess she’s just pre-programmed to expect protection from the media. Note to Chelsea, don’t confuse the mainstream, liberal media with the social media universe. You have no protection when you tweet. You’re flying solo. (Which is why Trump chooses to tweet.)

Many other Twitter users joined in, speaking of Clinton’s parents, calling their integrity into question over all kinds of issues. What would possess Chelsea to engage in such banter? If I had her parents, I would be bowing my head in shame right now.

Besides, the entire discussion about Trump and his “ban on Muslims” is a farce. It is all fake news. Trump is neither anti-Muslim nor anti-immigration. Everyone but the low-information citizen knows that.

Trump’s temporary travel ban is both constitutional (which the SCOTUS will eventually proclaim) and wise. Pardon Trump for protecting the American people. It’s about time our borders got an overhaul– both the physical and cyber borders.

Chelsea Clinton surely knows that. She’s no dummy, although these tweets make you wonder. Chelsea is well-educated, the best stolen money can buy. She has also been a fly on some despicable walls, she’s learned from the best.

The Clinton Foundation is falling apart. Hillary got her clock cleaned and may or may not still be under investigation. No one from their family should feel capable of criticizing the Trump Administration.

It appears that Chelsea has now deleted her initial tweet. Good, Chelsea, vanish from the political sphere. Otherwise, you’re about to go down with the sinking USS Clinton.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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