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BOOM! Chuck Schumer LIED On The Senate Floor, So Tom Cotton ANNIHILATED Him

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer promised that Mike Pompeo, the CIA director appointee, would be confirmed on Inauguration Day. He backed out.

Senator Tom Cotton called Schumer out over this false promise. Schumer made excuses, saying this was how it was eight years ago with Obama, and if Cotton had been in the Senate then, he would have known that. Cotton replied, “Eight years ago, I was getting my ass shot at in Afghanistan. So, don’t talk to me about where I was eight years ago,” via the Weekly Standard.

This is why you shouldn’t argue with a veteran — you can’t win. Schumer made a promise to the Republicans that Pompeo would be confirmed by a voice vote, but then he backed out of it.

A deal was struck! Republicans agreed to delay Pompeo’s confirmation for a day because Schumer agreed to loop Pompeo in with other national officials to be confirmed by a voice vote on Friday. But then they asked for that confirmation vote to be moved to another day.

Tom Cotton refused to back down from this Democrat deceit, and he was happy to make a scene on the Senate floor over it. Cotton is an Arkansas Republican who served in the United States Army as an infantry officer, and he has done combat tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Schumer told Cotton to lower his voice and to leave the Senate floor to talk about it more privately, but Cotton refused. As a military man, he refuses to take any crap from anyone, and that’s exactly the kind of voice that’s needed in the Senate.

Donald Trump recently paid a visit to the CIA and was counting on bringing the newly sworn in CIA director with him. While he was accompanied by Congressman Pompeo, it’s just not the same.

Schumer claims he was only “speaking for himself” when he made the promise. The yellow-bellied Democrat stated, “I never said that I could speak for 47 other Democrats.” This man is either making excuses because he lost control of his caucus, or, more likely, his promise was sheer manipulation.

This early breech of trust will change the way Republicans and Democrats in Senate work together. They probably won’t be giving the Democrats, especially Schumer, the benefit of the doubt ever again.

The Democrats have claimed they never confirmed a CIA director on Inauguration Day as if that response would suffice. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before — if the minority leader said it would be done, then it should’ve been done.

Donald Trump is aware of this, saying during his CIA visit, “[Pompeo] was approved basically, but they’re doing little political games with me.” And it’s true, the Democrats are continuing to play games and are trying to undermine the president. This is inexcusable.

I guess the Trump administration isn’t angrier because that would be like getting mad at a wild snake for biting you. You knew it was going to, but you put your faith in it anyway. So, we got bit. Well, we won’t be making that mistake again.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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