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BOOM: Gorsuch DESTROYS Smug Democrat After Being Pressed on Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

JUST IN: On Tuesday afternoon, Democrat senators questioned Judge Gorsuch during the SCOTUS hearing.

Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from the Judiciary Committee, asked Gorsuch about Trump’s travel ban, in a clear effort to corner him. Check it out:

“President Trump promised a Muslim ban,” Leahy said. “A Republican congressman recently said, ‘The best thing the President can do for his Muslim ban, is to make sure he has Gorsuch on the Supreme Court before the appeals get to that point.”

Gorsuch fired back, “A lot of people say a lot of silly things. That congressman has no idea how I’d rule in that case. I’m not going to say anything here that would reveal anything about how I’d rule on that case in the Supreme Court. It would be grossly improper of a judge to do that. If someone is sitting at this table, in order to get confirmed, had to make promises about how they would rule about a case that is currently pending” is a crime.

H/T Conservativeworlddaily


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