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BOOM: Reporter EXPOSES Massive NSA Scandal, Loretta Lynch Implicated

The meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton has been stirring up controversy for a while now. The two met in what was supposed to be a “social” meeting on the tarmac in Arizona.

In a shocking discovery, The Gateway Pundit reports that an orthodontist in Florida named Larry Kawa requested to have the recording of Clinton and Lynch released to the public. The National Security Agency is refusing to release a copy of the tape. The NSA is claiming that the tape is critical to “national security.” What happened to their fun social event? (via Facebook)

It is evident that something is being hidden here. What could be SO damning about a tape between two friends that our national security is put at risk? Hillary Clinton stated on “Meet the Press” that they were talking about their grandkids and golf during the meeting. Are Bill’s golf tips so valuable that they present a national threat? We doubt it.

Larry Kawa is no stranger to getting information requests denied from our government. Judicial Watch recently had to file on their behalf because he could not get a copy of Clinton’s emails concerning Benghazi.

The NSA knows that Kawa is what they would call a “snooper,” so they are going to deny him information at every cost. We just cannot figure out what kind of excuse they are going to use to justify this behavior.

Liberals have been working together for a while to take down President Trump. They do not like him, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get people to stop listening to him and respecting him.

We are confident that Clinton and Lynch were meeting so that plans could be developed to further turn the media and people against our president. Luckily, people are starting to wake up and see the hypocrisy.

President Trump knows that there are people out to get him in our government. He knows that he needs to pay attention to who is talking. There is a hidden scandal surfacing from all of this, and we want answers.

The future is going to be interesting for liberals like Lynch, and the Clintons. Life is going to come to a screeching halt when they realize that their master plan to sabotage Trump failed miserably.

The look on their faces when they see our country at the end of Trump’s presidency is going to be priceless. Hopefully Lynch ends up watching his farewell speech behind bars.

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