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BOOM! Sarah Palin DEFENDS Melania with THIS Powerful Message to All Haters

Many liberals and “feminists” are attacking Melania Trump, calling her everything from a gold digger to saying she’s in a “abusive relationship” with Donald Trump.

However, some will stand up to defend her. Sarah Palin shared a political joke against Melania’s detractors, and added, “The face of new feminism – a REAL feminist: strong, smart, capable, independent, overcoming, with a heart beating for her child…meet feminism personified in Melania.”

People, especially liberals, tend to confuse the term feminism. They seem to think it means you should tear down any woman who is prettier than you or who has money or success over you. To liberals, feminism is making jokes about strong women like Melania and calling her a gold digger for being married to a billionaire.

Some people have responded to this, saying that just because Melania can speak several languages doesn’t make her a feminist, but tearing women down and refusing to shave your legs doesn’t make you one either.

While Chelsea Handler claims to be a feminist, she’s not one either. No one who mocks people for celibacy and staying a virgin and who also attacks young girls who choose to not have abortions is a feminist. If you mock these women, you are against women.

Feminism is about representing and supporting all women — the women of the world get torn down enough by members of the opposite sex and then turn around and are torn down by members of the same sex. And who is it mostly done by? The “feminists.”

I think Melania is a great representation of feminism — no one is perfect, but she is a very strong woman, she is independent, and she raises up other women. She came from humble beginnings, but she worked hard and was very successful — and THEN she met Donald Trump.

People see Melania, who is an immigrant, and then call conservatives hypocrites. But really, we’re not — we don’t hate immigrants. We want immigrants to come to this country, but we want them to come into this country legally and get their citizenship. Like Melania.

Instead of sneering and snipping at the women in the Trump family, like Melania and Ivanka, and refusing to buy their clothing lines and jewelry, women should be supporting them and lifting them up. You’re anti-feminist if you hate on a woman because of her success and beauty.

Frankly, I don’t care for what reasons Melania married Trump. That is between her and her husband, but if you are going to call her a gold digger and hate on her marriage, then I suggest you take a look in the mirror and try saying such hateful things to yourself. No one deserves to be treated that way.

Often times, it is women themselves who attack their own sex and bring them down. Sarah Palin is a true feminist — she is raising up her fellow women, like Melania, instead of condemning her to ridicule. Palin and Melania ARE feminists. Liberal women are nothing but sexists.

H/T: Angrypatriotmovement

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