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BOOM! Texas Mayor Who SHUT DOWN Sharia Law In Her Town Just Got HUGE Position In Trump Admin.

In a pervasive progressive culture that usually seeks to mock, ridicule, threaten and demean traditional lawmakers into compliance, it’s inspiriting to witness a tough elected official standing up for America.

And Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne is no doubt one tough lady who will be joining the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to work under Secretary Ben Carson.

For those perhaps not familiar with Van Duyne, she’s the mayor that touched off a firestorm within the mainstream media, when she challenged a group of hard-line Imams who tried to bully her into accepting a form of “Sharia Law” into Texas.

The feisty mayor vowed that the Islamic tribunal being set up in the Dallas area would not prevail and that attempting to create a “mediation panel,” of Imams overseeing disputes between Muslims was not going to happen and publicly vowing to “fight with every fiber of my being against this action.”

And fight she did, and what started out as a local issue soon gained a national and perhaps international spotlight, and soon Irving Texas became the “ground zero” the battleground between Islamic Law, and our American Judicial System, and whether this pervasive, destructive culture would gain a foothold in our imperfect civil society.

Van Duyne worked relentlessly with other state legislators crafting a bill that could not be challenged within the courts declaring it illegal for any U.S. court to recognize any foreign legal system, to base it’s rulings on, and careful avoiding within the bill any mention of Islam or any reference to religion.

The good mayor has of course been criticized by the mainstream media, along with the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, who also routinely criticize President Trump which makes for a perfect union.

Van Duyne on Thursday said she would be joining the Administration, and assist Secretary Ben Carson by bringing her expertise as a two-term mayor to HUD. Of course, congratulations are in order and wish Mayor Van Duyne much success.


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