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BOOM: The US Military Is Celebrating Barack’s Departure by DOING THIS – The Obamas Won’t Like THIS

One of the crucial mistakes in Obama’s policy was his total disrespect to our military-the tradition of our country. The people in uniform are mad at Obama because he was funding terrorist organizations and other fractions, leaving the U.S. Military far away from his priorities.

On the other hand, our brave soldiers respect and love our new President Donald Trump, who is a big fan of our troops. He is a big patriot and he promised a lot for the active military officers and the veterans.

In the following post you can check if my words were true:

Here goes.

‘Dear Obama,

You weakened our military, coddled terrorists, persecuted cops and soldiers, gave away many of our jobs to machines that were more directly under your control, refused to fight Islamic terrorism, took our guns, disrespected our nation, disrespected our service, and showed – repeatedly – that you didn’t care about us at all.

Therefore, we’ve replaced you with this picture, a man who represents everything you are not: strength, authority, peace, guts, patriotism, and respect. Above all, respect.


Men and Women in uniform

Again, it’s not quite one thousand. But you get the idea.

I should probably explain – in military bases all around the country and all around the world, images of Trump and General Mattis are being hung on walls and cubicles to celebrate the ousting of the worst president in history. And the images themselves are pure gold, indeed.

Mad World News explains: “United States federal policy says that all Obama portraits in courthouses, post offices, government buildings, and military installations need to be removed by 12:01 p.m. on Friday, January 20th, but since the military doesn’t have an official Trump portrait to hang in many of their bases, they have chosen memes of the 45thpresident instead.”

It’s worth noting here that this little episode, by itself, says a whole lot about how badly Obama mistreated the military. The fact is, our soldiers could have picked any picture of Trump to hang on the wall in the interim. That they picked photos that clearly display strength and courage is telling. Those are the traits they want in a commander in chief, and those are the traits they see in Trump. And, by default, those are the traits they did not see in Obama.

Mad World sums it up well: “The military is sending a bold message to Barack Obama and Democrats everywhere. They are more than happy to see photos of Obama leave their bases. The military has often shown their disgust with Obama, and the spunk can be seen returning to our veterans under their new leaders.” In a word…quite. If the people tasked with obeying you at any cost would prefer a cartoonish printout of a strong leader, rather than your official portrait, it’s quite obvious how they actually feel.

It is wonderful to see that the soldiers love their commander. Our army is closely tied to our tradition and genesis. This is America and these brave men and women will protect the country until their last breath.

Donald Trump should lecture Obama, Clinton and the other liberals, because they do not know what does it mean to be a PATRIOT.


Source: Proud-patriots

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