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BOOM: Watch Violent Anti-Trump Rioters Get BAD NEWS

Finally, we have law and order once again! President Trump has made it clear that he has zero nonsense for violent riots.

During the Trump inauguration, a total of 230 protesters were arrested. Of those 230, the majority will face 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine, due to them being charged with felony rioting.

Numerous protesters were charged with rioting during the protests held during Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C.
Protesters set this limo ablaze by smashing in its windows and throwing flares inside the vehicle.
Police in Washington D.C. cover the protesters in pepper spray during Trump’s inauguration.
Protesters flee as tear gas and pepper are directed at them by police.
A nurse washes pepper spray out of the eyes of a protester during police-protester clashes on Trump’s inauguration day.
During Trump’s inauguration, rocks and other projectiles were thrown, by protesters, through windows at a Starbucks Cafe in Washington, D.C.
Aprotester wearing a gas mask and wrapped in a rainbow flag walks right up to police at Friday’s protests in Washington, D.C.
Protesters in gas masks were seen walking right up to police lines during Friday’s demonstrations in Washington, D.C.
Rioters, dressed in all-black, smash in windows during Trump inauguration.
Fellow protesters watch as a young male rioter uses his foot to smash in a car’s windshield.
Washington, D.C., police arrest a protester.
Protesters were out in full-force during Donald Trump’s inauguration. All sorts of things, from trash cans to caps to limousines were set on fire throughout the day.
A “Make America Great Again” cap burns during the inauguration day protests in Washington, D.C.
burning-trump-shirt-during-protests-washington-dc-inauguration copy
At Washington D.C. protests, a protester burns a Donald Trump shirt.
A police officer falls to the ground during the protests in Washington, D.C.

Just blocks away from the White House, thousands of anti-Trump protesters, dressed in all-black, smashed store windows, set cars ablaze, and threw bricks at police. Police and protesters clashed, particularly around McPherson Square and along K Street. Police used tear gas and nightsticks to contain the angry mob.

While this intense rioting was underway, Trump and his family were just arriving at the review stand, situated at the White House, to watch the end of the inaugural parade.

While, thankfully, the leader of our nation and his beautiful family made it through the day unscathed, leaders of various factions did not necessarily fare so well. Richard Spencer, a prominent leader in the Alt Right movement, was sucker-punched by a masked protester while he was being interviewed. Hawk Newsome, leader of Black Lives Matter in New York, received a dose of pepper spray as police covered a crowd of protesters, of which he was a part.

According to police reports, about a half-dozen D.C. cops suffered minor injuries.

Washington police chief Peter Newsham stated that, “Our intention going into this event was to make zero arrests, and unfortunately they forced our hand.”

Did the day’s violence help protesters make their point, or did it simply turn people against them? Let us know that, and your other thoughts, in the comments, below.

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