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BOYCOTT GENERAL MOTORS! They Just Released a Plan for Mexico that Made Trump FURIOUS

Donald Trump has done a HELL of a job bringing back jobs to the United States since he won. We have already seen Ford and Toyota and Carrier and a bunch of other BIG companies end their plans to move to Mexico and even make NEW jobs here. General Motors, however, is still leaving!

Y’all may remember how Trump came out against them on Twitter for their initial decision,

While most companies agreed to stay, GM just gave Trump a big old middle finger when CEO Mary Barra announced they would be moving there ANYWAYS!

If y’all don’t remember, back in 2008 President Bush gave GM $17.4 Billion in taxpayer money to bail their dumb asses out after they ruined their own company. Now, as a thank you to America, they are moving jobs to Mexico? That’s just sickening.

Apparently, General Motors is not afraid of Trump’s proposed tariff on crap shipped in from Mexico. So let’s give them something to be afraid of. Every single American who wants to see jobs back in this country needs to immediately boycott and sell off ALL GM car brands including:





Real Americans buy cars made in the Untied States of America! Share this everywhere to make the Boycott go Viral!

Source: Libertywritersnews

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