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BREAKING: ABC Caught In Major FAKE NEWS Scandal, WikiLeaks Confirms Names…

Every day, people go after the president for calling out fake news… and every day we seem to uncover another fake news story.

ABC is a shareholding division controlled by Disney. The National Center for Public Policy Research confronted Disney CEO Robert Iger about specific allegations of ABC‘s connection with Hillary, even naming George Stephanopoulos as a conduit of bias. 

Iger has claimed that ABC is “extremely fair” in its reporting, despite WikiLeaks exposing the news company by releasing documents that show Hillary Clinton’s campaign working with Stephanopoulos, who is the chief anchor of ABC News.

National Center General Counsel and Free Enterprise Project Director Justin Danhof stated, “After ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos interviewed ‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer, WikiLeaks exposed communications appearing to show operatives for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign working with Stephanopoulos to delegitimize Schweizer and his work.”

The Wikileaks emails also reveal Stephanopoulos told the Clinton campaign that he wanted to be “helpful” to them. If that’s not partisan bias, then nothing is.

Iger argued that ABC treats Donald Trump the same as it treated former President Obama, which is nothing more than an outright lie. If he bothered to actually watch how the mainstream media reports on Trump, Iger would realize how biased it truly is.

Disney’s media companies are fake news organizations — it’s as simple as that. There are blatant examples of biased journalism and ignorance of, or disregard for, ethics. But does Iger listen? No, he just claims that they are “exaggerated.”

When asked about Stephanopoulos and his ties to Clinton’s political campaign — and his clear attempt to try to destroy her opponents, like Donald Trump — Iger merely said he was “proud” of ABC’s efforts and that they are fair in the way they operate.

The National Center for Public Policy Research had prepared a report for Iger, which included the opinions of an ESPN host, who claimed, “the network is obsessed with bashing conservatives.”

Then there’s the opinion of our own President Donald Trump, who has labeled media sites like ABC and CNN as enemies of the American people, because of their refusal to report anything negative about Clinton, or anything positive about him.

Is this the kind of coverage that Disney thinks is acceptable? They make dreams come to life with their movies, and yet they allow their media to say whatever hateful nonsense they want, and collude with Hillary Clinton!

The issue of media bias in their reporting has been brought to Disney’s attention multiple times, but to no avail. They are continuing to spread the hateful liberal rhetoric against Donald Trump, and have no intention of stopping it.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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