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BREAKING: It’s Already Started! The First DEPORTED Immigrants Are Already Gone! See Trump’s Plan To Fix Our Borders!

President Trump has said since day one that he will fight illegal immigration and he is also cracking down on sanctuary cities for refugees because of the threat of radical Islamic terrorists that are slipping through the cracks.

President Trump has faced stiff opposition from the left on this issue, calling him racist and an isolationist, but when it comes to keeping the American people safe, President Trump doesn’t believe in half measures!

President Trump is going to do everything in his power to keep us safe and his plan is already working.

Earlier today a plane holding 90 Somali immigrants and at least 2 Kenyans arrived at the Mogadishu airport after they had been deported from the United States.

The plane carrying the immigrnts are the beginning of President Trump’s ban on immigrants from several terrorist connected countries.

President Trump signed an executive order to fulfill that cause a couple days ago.

These people were not harmed and were safely returned to their home country.

This is the beginning of Donald Trump’s plan to secure our borders from terrorists that have been taking advantage of our lax borders to infiltrate our country for too long.

Donald Trump’s executive order on the issue also covered the banning of refugees from Syria and six more Middle Eastern and African countries that have ties with terrorist groups.

If we want to keep our country safe then we must do so and not further expose ourself to risks that terrorist groups like ISIS are taking advantage of.

Whether or not President Trump is going to scrap Obama’s plan to shield more than 800,000 refugees with our tax dollars, but based on these first steps that is looking more likely than ever.

President Trump is staying true to his word and following through on his promises which can’t be said about Obama.

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Source: Usapoliticstoday

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