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BREAKING: At Least Three Injured In School Shooting In Santa Clarita, California

Update: Authorities have confirmed that the shooter is in custody and being treated for a self-inflicted gunshot wound, NBC News reports.


At least three individuals have been injured in what authorities are calling an “active shooter incident” at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California.

Details are, so far, scant, and authorities initially said that seven people had been injured in the shooting, though it wasn’t clear whether they were injured by the alleged gunman or in an ensuing panic, as students rushed to exit the school. Some of the victims, local Los Angeles news reports, are students.

“Initial reports from the Los Angeles County Fire Department indicated there were seven victims,” NBC News Los Angeles said.

“At least half a dozen ambulances and as many Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station vehicles descended on the school shortly after 7:35 a.m.,” according to Signals Santa Clarita Valley. EMS and police responded to a call of an individual with a gunshot wound to the torso. Two ambulances reportedly left the school with victims inside.

“At least five patients — two in critical condition — have been taken to Henry Mayo Hospital or are on their way, the hospital said on Twitter, with a hashtag referring to the school shooting. The hospital did not specify how they were injured,” CNN reported.“#SaugusHighShooting: We have received 2 patients in critical condition, 3 en route. We will provide updates as they become available,” the hospital tweeted shortly before noon Eastern time.

Sources close to the school did tell media that classes had not yet begun for the day, so the school was less crowded than it would have been during the school day.

Authorities, including the Los Angeles County Sheriffs, say the shooter is still at large. Schools in the area are on lockdown and residents of local neighborhoods are being told to lock doors and shelter in place pending an “all clear” signal from law enforcement.

“If you live in neighborhoods anywhere near Saugus High, PLEASE LOCK DOORS and stay inside,” LACS said on Twitter. “If you see suspect, male dark clothing, in backyards, etc. CALL 911.” The shooter was last seen headed toward an elementary school, which is currently on lockdown.

Deputies told media that they are looking for a teenager, potentially a 15-year-old boy, possibly “Asian,” dressed in black and wearing a black hat. It appears from some initial reports that law enforcement officials know the identity of the shooter.

No information is yet available on any potential motive in the incident.

Although information on the shooting is scarce, videos of students being led out of Saugus High School, calmly and in single file, quickly flooded social media. Students, being evacuated by law enforcement officials, seemed eerily calm as they processed from the school building to a parking lot.

Although few details are available, politicians looking to capitalize on the incident wasted little time in posting their thoughts to social media. Democratic presidential contender Sen. Kamala Harris was the first, using the Santa Clarita school shooting to take a jab at gun rights activists.

“Heartbroken and praying for Santa Clarita. I’m incredibly grateful to the first responders who are on the scene of this active situation,” Harris tweeted. “If you are near the area, please listen to law enforcement. Our children and communities are being terrorized. We can’t accept this.”

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