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BREAKING: Bombshell ANNOUNCEMENT About Obama ‘s Birth Certificate – Washington On Fire!

There are a lot of conspiracies out there about Barack Obama. There are some theories which say that he had Judge Scalia killed while others say that his birth certificate is fake.

Well, as it turns out, the one theory about his birth certificate might not be fake after all.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been investigating Obama’s origin and he came into some pretty interesting information.

Here are the details:

WND reported that the chief investigator in Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s probe into Obama’s birth certificate has said that he’s found evidence indicating that the Hawaiian government was involved in the fabrication.During a press conference with Arpaio last week, Mike Zullo showed his evidence that Obama’s birth certificate was drawn up on a computer and was copied from another Hawaiian birth document.

In an interview with the Hagmann Report, Zullo said that some of the images on Obama’s birth certificate were copied from an original birth certificate that belongs to a woman named Johanna Ah’nee.When Ah’nee, she said that she kept the only copy of her birth certificate locked in her files for decades until long after Obama released his own. Since hers had never been circulated, Zullo came to the chilling conclusion that only the Hawaiian government, which had the document image, could have used it to copy elements onto Obama’s.

“These things start to grow hair and you start to work with it,” Zullo explained, adding that the evidence “pointed to an inside job.”

“They manufactured a document,” he said. “That’s astounding, because now you have to ask why. Why would people produce a forgery, a fraud, for the president of the United States and defraud the American people. The answers are not good.”

Well, well… it turns out Trump was right after all.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all, Obama is a Democrat and they are known for being liars and hypocrites. These people will do anything just so they can be in a position of power. Unbelievable!

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Source: Usanewsflash

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