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BREAKING: Border Patrol Just Did Something AWESOME… Liberal ACLU Has A Total Meltdown!

A leopard can’t change its spots – and the American Civil Liberties Union can’t lose its liberal leanings.

Take the borders, for instance.

Under President Obama, border agents were basically told to stand down and let illegals, especially minor-aged youth, cross into the country. And now? The story’s changing a bit, thanks to Donald Trump and his strong message about border control.

The ACLU is howling.

“Photographer and journalist Edward Ou was attempting to enter the United States to cover the ongoing protests at the Dakota Access Pipeline when Border Patrol agents stopped him,” Hot Air reported. “During the ensuing conversation, Ou ran into some trouble and wound up in a six hour encounter with officials before being turned away. The ACLU is, of course, up in arms.”

Border patrol actually confiscated his cell phone and other journalism tools for a period of time, something Ou protested.

The thing is, if Ou had already been in the United States, law enforcement officials would have needed to obtain a warrant before taking his cell phone. But rules are different at the border.

And Ou is not a U.S. citizen.

But the ACLU is jumping into the case anyway.

And here’s the under-reported factoid, from Hot Air: “[E]ven after this entire ordeal, they denied him entry to the United States. That tells me that he either didn’t have proper identification to cross over or he was giving them such a hard time and refusing to cooperate that they turned him around. Possibly both.”

Well that’s a refreshing change of border patrol pace. In Obama’s world, the ACLU would have been allowed to speed-walk Ou through, onto American soil. But this is a new incoming administration; new message to illegals.

H/T Hot Air

“News flash,” Hot Air wrote. “You’re not a citizen and you are not automatically allowed to enter the country, regardless of your profession or stated purpose. … Rather than condemning the Border Patrol for this incident, the ACLU should be giving them an award for doing their jobs.”

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