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BREAKING: Border Patrol Shakeup STUNS America… No One Thought Trump Would Do THIS!

It’s common practice for existing senior officials within federal agencies to step down at the end of an administration – but this is no ordinary changeover.

They are by and large appointees, put into power by the last President. The new President has the option of keeping them on, or selecting replacements that he believes better suit the position.

It happens after every election.

What’s unique about our new administration is how radically opposed it is to the former. President Trump clearly has no plans on continuing the failed policies of Barack Obama and that includes replacing his staff picks throughout the government.

So it’s no surprise that we are learning about State Department officials stepping down or being fired. There is no way Trump wants to keep on the same people that helped Obama insult Israel and our allies and give over a billion dollars to Iran.

Even more fitting is the removal of the head of the Border Patrol.

From Allen B. West:

Also resigning today: Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan — whose resignation follows yesterday’s executive orders on immigration. Apparently, he wasn’t too fond of the possibility of actually doing his job…

Last November, after the election, the National Border Patrol Council published an op-ed on Breitbart Texas calling Morgan a “disgrace to the agency.”

The border patrol’s union enthusiastically endorse Donald Trump during the campaign for his strong stance on immigration. Shockingly, though, the chief of their agency, Morgan, spoke out against Trump.

Not a surprise. The actual men and women who work in the department would be for a strong border and strict immigration policies. Their chief, however, was appointed by Obama and as such would reflect his weak and accommodating stance on illegal immigration.

Now that Morgan is being removed from his position, it’s very likely that Trump will appoint a strong chief to oversee the agency, and defend the soon-to-be-built border wall.

Source: Allen B. West

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