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BREAKING: California Asks For $100B In Federal Funds – SHOULD THEY BE FUNDED?!

California officials are so against Trump’s immigration orders, but when it comes to federal funds, they are eager to get a piece of the $1 trillion infrastructure plan that he has promised.

California State Officials introduced their infrastructure projects on Wednesday that requires $100B in federal funds. Their projects include improving roads, bridges, levees, ports and public transportation.

Even though Californians criticized Trump on his immigration policies, state officials have praised his massive infrastructure proposal
Trump promised to repair the infrastructure across the country, during his inaugural address and California Gov. Jerry Brown praised him and his plan big way: “And I say, ‘Amen to that, man. Amen to that, brother.’”
The Governor’s executive secretary, Nancy McFadden, made a statement about the short and long term effects the project would have.

Here’s the statement, per Daily Caller:

“In the short-term, these projects will benefit businesses up and down the state and put thousands to work — many in communities with the highest rates of unemployment,” McFadden wrote. “Long-term, this investment will have lasting, expansive economic benefits by moving goods and people faster, protecting vulnerable communities from flooding, bolstering emergency response capabilities, saving and storing more water and improving energy reliability.”

Having in mind that the Governor refused to work with Trump and vowed to protect people who are in his state illegally, it is unclear to say that California will receive the funds.

What do you think about this? Should California be funded?

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