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BREAKING: Chaos ERUPTS From Anti-Trump Protesters… Police Response Leave This Crowd CHEERING!

Americans who thought anti-Trump protests would end after inauguration day didn’t take into account how persistent and deranged these activists really are. These protesters (many of them on the George Soros payroll — how else could they afford to do all this?) have vowed that they are just getting started.

However, they don’t seem to understand that one of the reasons Trump got elected was that millions of Americans have had it with these pointless and often violent acts of “civil disobedience.” Yes, every citizen has a right to protest, but peacefully and lawfully. Too often, these social justice warriors intentionally cross the line.

There is a whole new attitude spreading across the land, and it was captured in one incident in Portland, Oregon:

On Wednesday. anti-Trump protests broke out across America. The theme of the protests: “Resist” President Trump’s wall and immigration plans.

First, the protesters blocked a bus in the middle of the street:

Then, there were a few heated exchanges.

But the protesters wouldn’t move, so law enforcement came rushing in:

That short video is a must-see, as commuters point police in the direction of the protesters. One shouts at the officers, “Thanks for doing your job, guys.”

This must be driving the liberal snowflakes crazy, since they clearly think the rules shouldn’t apply to them. You’ve had your meltdown now, your candidate has lost, it’s time to get a grip on reality, get back to work, and learn how to be patriots once again. Thankfully the police aren’t twiddling their thumbs, letting the chaos rule, and instead enforcing the laws on the books.

Expect to see more of this as Americans who are fed up with this kind of “street theater” find their voices and realize that they now have a president who is on their side.

What do you think? Should the police respond in force to the snowflakes, or is there a better way? Let us know below!

Source: Patriotjournal

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