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BREAKING: Charlie Gard’s Parents Make Major Announcement About Legal Fight to Save His Life

Charlie Gard’s fate and his legal battle has gone viral. The infant was born with a rare genetic disease and as a result he has spent his time on life support. Now his parents are struggling to take him to America to start an experimental treatment.

Some UK courts, however, have denied their request to take him elsewhere to be treated. Charlie’s parents were forced to stop fighting for their baby’s life.

The parents have given up on the legal battle, even though the baby is very ill, adding that it is too late and that the experiment may not work.

The decision was announced after a judge oversaw the last round of the months-long battling in court.
Charlie’s life support will be eventually turned off, in hopes that the baby will be stopped from suffering any further, and his parent said that they will withdraw the application for Charlie to receive the treatment in America.

The couple decided to switch Charlie off of life support on Friday, but remained silent in order to spend the last few days with their baby away from the media. The decision was made following several delays on the verdict and the chance the treatment will not work.

His mother said the hospital has not been taking good care for Charlie, and that his condition has worsened too much and is beyond reparable.

“Charlie is Charlie and we wouldn’t change him for the world. All our efforts are for him, we only want to give him a chance at life,” she said. “There’s one simple reason for Charlie’s muscular deterioration …. that was time.”
She added that they knew back in July the US experiment should work, but that the baby was left too long in the hospital with no medicaments, during the legal battles.

The last attempt to save the baby’s life was made by President Donald Trump, as he made efforts for Charlie to be welcomed and treated in the USA. The Congress then, gave the infant residency status, in hopes he would receive the care in the US.

The last time the baby was examined, however, it was stated by the doctors, that it was too late for Charlie.
Experts have made MRI and EEG scans, and following a multidisciplinary meeting they made a decision. Neurology professor Dr. Michio Hirano also took a look at Charlie, and said that the nucleoside bypass therapy will bring at least 10 percent success in the improvement of the infant’s condition.

This option was no longer viable, after he flew in from the US the scans were assessed and the doctor concluded that the therapy will do no good.

After receiving the devastating news, Charlie Gard’s parents decided to give up the court battle. The decision was something that they should have been free to make initially.

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