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BREAKING: Clinton Insider Comes Forward About Clinton Assassinations, It’s Finally Revealed

There has been an assumption for years that if you cross or pose a threat to the Clintons, you will eventually fear for your life.

Johnny Chung, an alleged illegal fundraiser for the Clintons, revealed that he feared for his life and made a tell-all video as a form of insurance against the Clintons.

Chung was wrapped up in a major scandal while raising campaign funds for Bill Clinton during his 1996 campaign.

The report stated that during his initial testimony time frame, the FBI provided 24-hour protection, as they believed the threats against him were very real. Chung eventually left the country and is now allegedly living in China, still with a very low profile.

After years of hiding, Mr. Chung decided to make the tape and leave it with some friends and family if he met a suspicious death.

He claims illegal funds were being funneled to the Clintons from the Chinese government in order to buy influence with then President Clinton.

In all, some $300,000 has been tied to Chung and the DNC during the reelection campaign of Bill Clinton. When coupled with the dozens of visits he made to the White House, with many of them being reported as “off the book” meetings, the evidence looks damning for the Clintons.

Knowing what we know today about Bill and Hillary and their pay-to-play schemes, and their general disregard for the law, Chung’s story would appear to be more fact than fiction.

His fears for his life are also warranted, considering how many people associated with the Clintons who have had mysterious or sudden deaths. If Chung’s story is true, the Clintons and the Democrats have very good reason to want to keep this man silent.

His story lends even more validity to the many horror stories surrounding the Clintons and make it even more obvious that we truly dodged a bullet by electing Trump and not Hillary as our 45th president.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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