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BREAKING: COLOSSAL Welfare Bombshell Explodes In Congress, Obama Is About To Go BERZERK!

The Republican led House is doing something that conservatives have been demanding for decades. And conservatives everywhere have been waiting a long time to see common sense come back to Capitol Hill.

A lot of moochers will be very upset, so expect a huge backlash. That includes Obama himself, who put this into place years ago.

Background: In the old days, when welfare was first introduced, most people only signed up for it as a last resort. It was common to hear even a very needy individual insist they were too “proud” to accept help from the government, and they would take almost any job to avoid going on “relief.”

Inevitably, attitudes changed. Slowly but surely, human beings being who they are, welfare became less embarrassing and turned into a multi-generational “lifestyle.” This in turn led to a rise in recreational drug use, and recipients obviously had a lot of spare time on their hands and lived in less than ideal neighborhoods.

In other words, hard working Americans weren’t just subsidizing groceries and other essentials for the down and out — they were paying for lazy people to break the law and possibly even kill themselves.

When these taxpayers called for, at the very least, drug testing of welfare recipients, they were condemned as heartless haters. But name calling or not, it looks like the House may finally be listening:

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to dismantle an Obama Administration rule that restricts the ability of states to drug-test people who want to receive welfare benefits.

The rule, one of thousands published in the Federal Register last summer, was meant to implement a law requiring people receiving unemployment benefits to be ready and able to work. The law gave states the option of denying benefits to drug users.

But Republicans opposed the rule because it actually limited the option, only allowing states to deny benefits to people in the transportation or pipeline industries, those who use firearms, and those whose jobs would normally require drug testing.

The House voted decisively to throw out the rule, so now it has to clear the Senate. Since the Republicans are also the majority there, that shouldn’t be a problem, unless the Democrats somehow put together a strong opposition that spooks shaky GOP lawmakers.

After that, the President is expected to sign it, the White House having already issued statements condemning the old rule’s undermining of State autonomy.

Obviously, there will be protests about this move around the country, but let’s hope that eventually, it changes the “culture” of welfare dependence and even reduces the number of undeserving recipients.

H/T Patriotjournal

Who knows, maybe it will also put a few drug dealers out of business.

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