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BREAKING – Congress Busted Obama In Biggest Money Laundering SCHEME in U.S. History

As Obama plans his departure from the White House, we are finding out more information that shows he should never have been there in the first place.

New disclosures from the Treasury Department to Congress show that Barack Obama was involved in a money laundering scheme of approximately $1.7 billion to pay the Iranians early this year. Obama appears to have engaged in this criminal conspiracy to bypass sanctions that have been placed on Iran.

The scheme was first brought to light when Congressman Mike Pompeo, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, received a disclosure from the Treasury Department that showed a $400 million dollar payment to Iran which was wired to New York’s Federal Reserve Bank, converted to Swiss Francs, and moved to a bank account in Switzerland. Then, the New York Federal Reserve Bank withdrew the cash in Switzerland and transported it to an agent of Iran’s Central Bank.

On this matter Pompeo said, “By withholding critical details and stonewalling congressional inquiries, President Obama seems to be hiding whether or not he and others broke U.S. law by sending $1.7 billion in cash to Iran. But Americans can plainly see that the Obama administration laundered this money in order to circumvent U.S. law and appease the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Officials believe that Obama took these actions to give Iran quick access to this money. In this way, Obama is acting like an employee fired from a local store who is stealing merchandise and storming out of the building. Only he’s given it to a country who can use that money to acquire nuclear weapons or fund terrorism against the United States.

The cash was sent only three days before Iran was set to release three American hostages. Pompeo and Senator Ted Cruz are questioning Obama’s actions. “Think about this timeline: the U.S. withdraws $400 million in cash from the Swiss National Bank and then physically transports it to another city to hand-off to Iranian officials—three days before Iran releases four American hostages. But it gets worse: less than a week after this, the U.S. again sends hordes of cash to Iran. As we speak, Iran is still holding three more Americans hostage, and I fear what precedent this administration has set,” Pompeo said.

This conspiracy to fund Iran was assisted by the Dutch Central Bank, who assisted the United States in transferring $1.3 billion in cash which was converted into Euros and given to an Iranian official who was physically located in the Netherlands.

An anonymous Congressional Advisor who assisted with the investigation of this said, “The American public and Members of Congress understand psychology—if the administration is hiding something, there is a reason. President Obama, Secretary Kerry and others would like to pretend that their months of evasiveness and stonewalling regarding Iran are normal, but their behavior indicates otherwise” the source said. “Refusing to answer basic questions about millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars paid to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism only invites more questions.”

If it is true that Obama paid this money to Iran in exchange for prisoners, that could qualify as negotiating with terrorists or bribing the Iranians; actions that would be frowned upon based on America’s history of not engaging in these types of negotiations. The reason for this is simple: if terror groups know they can get some money for taking Americans hostage, it encourages them to take more Americans hostage in the future.

Of course, the Administration believes that the transaction was entirely acceptable and legal. However, with Obama’s terrible history of ignoring the law, they have lost credibility regarding their judgments of the legality of Executive Branch actions.

The source elaborated that the Defense Finance and Accounting Services was coordinating with Iran’s Foreign Military Sales Program to orchestrate the transaction outside the of purview of the press or the American people. It is sad that this happened after Obama failed to make the exchange of hostages a part of the Iran nuclear negotiations? Why wasn’t the Administration concerned about hostages then?

It is upsetting that it takes almost an entire year of serious investigations to unveil these shadowy foreign transactions the Obama administration is engaging in. Iran will likely use this money to fund terror organizations against the United States and then Obama will have blood on his hands for enabling our enemies to attack us.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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