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BREAKING: Congress Just Gave General Mattis EXACTLY What He Needs to SAVE AMERICA!

Great news everyone! General James Mattis’s had his first hearing today in front of the US Senate to try and get a “special waiver” to be the Secretary of Defense. The Dems SAID they were gonna stall him, but that’s not exactly what happened.

With 54 Republicans and 46 Democrats he simply needed 60 voter to win. So did he get it? Well… GENERAL MATTIS GOT HIS SPECIAL WAIVER BY 81-17.

This is a pretty incredible feat, even for a war hero like Mattis. The last time the Pentagon was headed by someone who had NOT been out of the military for 7 years was in the 1950’s.

So why did Mattis get such a huge wave of support? BECAUSE HE IS PERFECT!

Mattis has dedicated his life to our country and even chose to fight in battle fields alongside Marines in his older age. Nobody is better versed in Military strategies and world history than him.

The best part of all is that James Mattis serves America 1st and Trump 2nd. I like Trump and all, but Mattis is the military genius. He plans to let the Donald TRY to make peace with Russia while still keeping them as threat #1. He also plans on building up our military and eliminating ISIS!

So we gotta help him celebrate this historic day. My advice: Share this out with 3 friends and spread the great news!

Source: Libertywritersnews

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