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BREAKING: Congress Makes CRIMINAL Charges Announcement In Hillary Email Scandal

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is not giving up the fight against Hillary Clinton. He is determined to see all those involved brought to justice.

Representative Chaffetz is seeking to put criminal charges on Bryan Pagliano, the State Department employee who helped set up Clinton’s private server during her time as secretary of state, via Fox News.

The Republican representative wrote a letter to newly sworn in Attorney General Jeff Sessions this Thursday to ask him to convene a grand jury to charge Bryan Pagliano.

Pagliano refused to follow the orders of two subpoenas that mandated he appear in front of the GOP led oversight committee. They later held a vote that found him in contempt of Congress. Earlier in the month, Chaffetz spoke with Trump in the Oval Office, and they decided not to talk about oversight.

Chaffetz has not held the requests of investigations into Trump’s businesses and the alleged conflicts of those businesses for consideration. In a statement, Chaffetz stated that allowing Pagliano’s actions “to go unaddressed would gravely harm Congress’s ability to conduct oversight.”

Of course, the Democrats disagree. Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings believes that pursuing these charges would be a waste of both time and money, but he would surely support an investigation into Trump, which would actually be a waste of time and money.

“Apparently, Chairman Chaffetz and President Trump are the only two people in Washington today who think we should still be investigating Secretary Clinton,” Cumming stated. “The Oversight Committee can’t afford to be distracted by political vendettas against Hillary Clinton while our constituents are begging us to conduct responsible oversight of President Trump.”

So, the Democrats would have Clinton get away with her crimes? Liberals used to argue that the email scandal was just a way to undermine Clinton’s run for presidency. Clearly, they were wrong since Clinton lost, and honorable Republicans are still trying to hold her accountable for what she’s done.

Pagliano had been a very troubling character during the investigations. In 2015, Pagliano refused to cooperate with the House panel’s questioning about the horrible 2012 Benghazi attack, which left four American heroes dead. Later, he spoke to the FBI with immunity, saying there were no successful breaches of security into Clinton’s personal server.

However, he said he was aware that there were several failed login attempts on the server, which he called “brute force attacks.” This is where a hacker retries entering a password until all possible letter and number combinations have been tried. As the Angry Patriot previously reported, the FBI has since acted under the assumption that some foreign entities did gain access to the server.

The Republicans were determined to make sure Clinton was not elected into the White House, focusing on the use of the private server for government business, which no political operative should be doing, especially someone looking to become president.

FBI Director James Comey ruled that Clinton’s action with her computer server were merely “extremely careless,” but this statement was condemned by both Republicans and Democrats. The Dems saw it as “unnecessary editorializing,” and the Republicans saw it as a belittlement of Clinton’s crimes.

Chaffetz is right to set his sights on Pagliano. Soon, it will be Hillary Clinton’s head on the chopping block!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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