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BREAKING: Congress Makes Terrifying Announcement Abut TRUMP IMPEACHMENT – This Isn’t Good…

Bitter members of Congress have been trying to figure out a way to get Donald Trump impeached ever since he was officially inaugurated. Now, it appears they have sunk to a new low in trying to take Trump down…

Breitbart reported that a disturbing number of Democrats are questioning Trump’s mental health as they try to invoke the 25th amendment to get him out of office. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), and Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) are reportedly trying to use this amendment to introduce legislation that would allow former presidents and vice presidents to determine if Trump is mentally unfit for office.

Last week, Blumenauer gave a ridiculous speech questioning Trump’s mental health on the House floor. Lieu reportedly plans to introduce legislation that would make it mandatory for a psychiatrist or psychologist to be in the White House at all times. Meanwhile, Franken claims that “a few” Republicans have come to him with concerns over Trump’s mental health, but he of course refused to name names.

In an op-ed he wrote in the The Oregonian last week, Blumenauer whined that the “fatal flaw” in the 25th amendment is that it allows the president to fire his own Cabinet in order to “prevent the application of the amendment.”

“The alternative process spelled out by the amendment leaves the decision to the vice president and a so-far-undefined body created by Congress,” the congressman said.

Blumenauer added that he has drawn up legislation that would allow for living former presidents and vice presidents to form the body that would determine whether the president is mentally fit for office.

This comes as mental health experts are speaking out to say that allegations that Trump is mentally unstable are baseless.

“You cannot diagnose someone in the public eye based solely on their TV interviews,” Los Angeles-based cardiologist and internist Dr. Afshine Emrani told Breitbart News. “A lot of these things are politically motivated and it irks me. That’s like me saying someone has heart problems by just seeing them on a TV show. You need to see the patient, examine them, take blood and perform an ECG. You can’t diagnose a heart attack by someone saying they have chest pain on TV. Psychiatry is the same.”

H/T Truthmonitor

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