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BREAKING: Corporate Giant Makes Billion Dollar Jobs ANNOUNCEMENT – The Trump Effect Is Real

Donald Trump is grinning ear to ear.

And the American public should be absolutely ecstatic.

The impact the President-elect has had on the U.S. economy has been more than significant; some would even say it has been dramatic. And let’s not forget that he’s not even in office yet!

Prior to him officially assuming the position in the Oval Office, Trump has managed to broker a ton of amazing deals for this country. For the benefit of history and for a little pick-me-up, let’s reminisce a bit:

Most recently, there was Toyota’s $10 billion bombshell(which was unassailably awesome), the commitment of Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX companies, and the massive Alibaba deal that should also result in thousands more jobs for U.S. citizens.

Then there was SoftBank and Carrier, and let’s not forget the return of Ford to the fold, which was just more fantastic news for America. Now, you might assume that’d be enough for now, that Trump would be satisfied.

Nope. He criticized GM and now, they’ve responded…by making a COLOSSAL commitment to this country! Well, at least that’s the scuttlebutt from CNBC, who has just thrown up the following Breaking news announcement on their Twitter page:

More awesomeness. This is just the kind of thing President Obama never managed to do; in fact, one could say he never had much interest in such deals at all. Someone with such a terrible economic record obviously didn’t pay much attention to the stability of this country’s business structure.

But now we’ve got a leader who understands it fully and will continue to push it…at every possible chance. America should be more than encouraged by these events; they should be celebrating in the streets!

When’s the last time we had THIS much good news in such a short span of time?

Source: CNBC Twitter

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