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BREAKING: Democrats Stole $291 MILLION From Taxpayers to Fund Criminal Conspiracy

It is time to finally admit that the Democrat Party is an organized crime ring. A big part of their profits come from so-called “non-profits” that literally take our money to help criminals.

Between 2012 and 2016, non-profits dedicated to helping, aiding, and abetting illegal immigrants used a whopping $291 million of taxpayer funds. This is likely an underestimate.

All told, the Daily Caller reviewed the tax returns of eight non-profit groups specifically dedicated to advocating for illegal aliens. One of these groups publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, while the others clearly leaned towards the Democrat candidate.

Roughly 94 percent of the public money used by these groups came directly from the federal government, which means it was OUR tax dollars!

The Obama Administration used the non-profits to directly aid illegal aliens, making these non-profit organizations actually government agencies.

The left-leaning Urban Institute records that there are 684 non-profits in the United States that offer “some form of legal aid to immigrants.” Amazingly, the Urban Institute believes that this number is too small to meet the needs of America’s illegal population.

Many of these so-called non-profits support keeping illegal aliens in our country for as long as possible. In fact, at least one of these organizations is openly racist. The National Council of La Raza, which endorsed Clinton, not only supports open borders, but also helps to create Hispanic-supremacist charter schools.

“La Raza,” which means the “The Race,” has compared US English to the Ku Klux Klan and supports the idea of returning Aztlan (the Hispanic nationalist term for the areas of the Southwest won by the U.S. during the Mexican War of the 1840s) to Mexico. Hence all those “Make America Mexico Again” signs.

Let’s face it: the Democrats are doing this because they want votes and they want power. They also want widespread demographic replacement. Just like the Muslims in Europe, Hispanic immigrants in the U.S. overwhelmingly support big government initiatives and the weakening of traditional American culture.

The Huffington Post recently wrote a hit piece on Steve Bannon for his appreciation for the “stunningly racist” novel The Camp of the Saints. Written by French author Jean Raspail and published in 1973, The Camp of the Saints describes a Europe intentionally flooded with Indian refugees. This book not only predicted the migrant flood of Europe in 2015, but it is actually a glimpse into the neo-liberal world plan.

By making countries more multi-racial, the government increases in power, the police state comes into existence, and people — full of distrust of their neighbors — stay home, get fat, and consume. This is the Democrat ideal.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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