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BREAKING: Donald Trump ANNOUNCES Colossal Project To Fix America…THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!

“Make America Great Again”

Donald Trump’s motto for this presidential campaign is what helped him win, and that’s because Americans really WANT this country to be great again. But the new President-Elect will have to follow through on his promises and goals, right?

Well, it looks like he’s doing exactly that. One of his top priorities is the US infrastructure, which is in dire need of updating, so Trump plans to invest a gigantic amount of money and resources to fix our dilapidated roads, trains, bridges, etc.

As reported by The Washington Post, the “Make America Great Again” platform starts with a brand new taskforce and it’s going to take an awfully interesting approach to this mammoth endeavor:

Trump has pledged to mobilize anywhere from half a trillion to a trillion dollars into upgrading the nation’s aging roads, bridges and transportation hubs. But that plan might not rely on direct federal spending. Venture capitalist Wilbur Ross, Trump’s nominee to run the Commerce Department, and University of California at Irvine business professor Peter Navarro have proposed an investment tax credit that they say would cost $137 billion and stimulate about $1 trillion of private investment. Ross and Navarro say the plan would be revenue-neutral — a claim likely be hotly disputed.

The plan will require some time to take shape, obviously, but there’s no doubt now about Trump’s intentions. He wants to make this country shine again; there was a time when America featured a robust and progressive infrastructure but in recent decades, it seems like everything has fallen into a state of disrepair.

Those who are old enough remember when the country looked a whole lot better than it does now, plain and simple. And it’s hardly just cosmetic; when the infrastructure ages, it gets dangerous.

And what did Obama do about this? Oh, nothing. Just ranted and raved and created Generation Snowflake and legions of SJW leeches who still – STILL – haven’t stopped whining about the election results.

Source: Washington Post

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