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BREAKING: Donald Trump Drastically CUTS Foreign Aid. Do You Support This?

President Trump has been making a lot of changes lately that have liberals around the world up in arms. This latest change will have them whining on Twitter for days to come!

In a new budget cut proposal, President Trump has called for a 28 percent cutback to funds given to several foreign policy agencies. The “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again” plan will represent an overall 35 percent drop in funding to overseas programs, via The Daily Caller.

Among those taking a cut in funding are the Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Overseas Contingency Operations, and the Treasury International Programs.

However, President Trump has assured We the People, and those involved, that his plan will continue to maintain “robust funding levels for embassy security and other core diplomatic activities” and that “maintaining adequate embassy security levels requires the efficient and effective use of available resources to keep embassy employees safe.”

This new budget plan goes right along with President Trump’s recent boycott of the United Nations. He’s already reduced funding to the U.N. considerably, and this new budget plan is just one more step toward putting America first.

Despite the cuts, President Trump says there will still be more than enough funding for humanitarian assistance programs. However, the rest of the world must pay their fair share in order for his plan to be a complete success.

So long as the other members of the U.N. start paying their dues, they, and the rest of the world, should have nothing to fear from the president’s proposed plans.

President Trump’s ultimate goal is to keep as much of America’s money IN America as possible. By decreasing the funds given to foreign aid programs, he’s ensuring that our country comes first.

This is likely to be an extremely heated topic of debate in the coming weeks once the president works to convince Congress to approve of his plan.

Liberals across the globe are already balking at the idea of budget cuts to foreign aid, and they will likely stop at nothing to make sure this plan doesn’t come into being. For years, Democrats have been more interested in sucking up to other countries than worrying about their homeland. This new budget plan is just one more reason for them to betray their own country in the name of “helping” others.

However, President Trump has proven time and again that he’s the man for the job when it comes to cutting waste. Both in his business life and in his first few weeks in the Oval Office, Trump has skillfully put money exactly where it belongs. In the case of America, it belongs HERE, not overseas.

We fully support President Trump’s budget plan and know that it will be best for our nation as a whole. We also know that our president isn’t heartless, and the other countries in need of aid WILL be able to soldier on, even with reduced funding. They’ll still have more than enough to take care of themselves, but now, for the first time in years, America can start taking care of itself.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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