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BREAKING: Donald Trump ENDS Obama’s War on Police. Do You Support?

Donald Trump has made a commitment to the American people to restore law and order, and he is starting by removing the limitations forced onto police.

Former President Barrack Obama conducted a war on police. Through the civil rights division of the Department of Justice, Obama would target local police departments and force them into burdensome agreements that prevented them from doing their jobs, via The Washington Post.

However, late last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a new Justice Department memorandum directed at reviewing the Obama era agreements and restoring the proper balance between the federal government and local police.

The memorandum also acknowledges the dangers of policing and promises to respect the work of law enforcement.

Under the Obama administration, the Department of Justice aggressively targeted police departments it determined to be violating civil rights, but this was simply an attempt to increase federal control over local police departments.

The civil rights division would conduct onerous interviews and force new training and expensive modernization of police departments, requiring them to buy body and dashboard cameras.

However, the expensive upgrades did not lower the use of force, and they cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. The fact that the use of force remained consistent even under intense scrutiny indicates that police were using the necessary levels of force, via The Washington Post.

Thankfully, these burdensome agreements are all going to be reviewed and considered for elimination. Jeff Sessions, through the memorandum, is vowing to work with police instead of against them to achieve the needs of their communities.

This is a huge change from Obama, who would frequently and publicly criticize police and undermine faith in the thin blue line. Whenever groups like Black Lives Matter protested the police, Obama would side with the protesters, shamefully standing against the police no matter the circumstance.

The hostile attitude of the protesters, spurred on by Obama, eventually led to the death of five police officers in Dallas last year. An ex-Black Lives Matter militant, Micah Johnson, opened fire into a crowd of police after being manipulated into believing police were the enemy, via The Daily Caller.

That day, five families lost a loved one. They will be forever empty, and for what? Those who defend our streets should never be threatened by the very civilians whose lives they swore to protect.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

Law and order is going to be restored, and the counties that refuse to cooperate will face consequences that not only affect elected and public officials but also their constituents. America will no longer stand in the way of hardworking, law-abiding law enforcement officers.

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