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BREAKING: Donald Trump Invited All Living Presidents To His Inauguration, Guess How Many Are Attending?

One month out, Jimmy Carter is the only former president to RSVP to Donald Trump’s inauguration, while Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are putting off their decision until the new year.

The Clintons have been keeping a low profile since the election and have made no decisions about whether to attend, according to a person familiar with the planning.

Bush’s spokesman said that GWB will not announce whether he will attend until the new year, while a source familiar with the matter said Bush is also still weighing whether to show up. George W. Bush had tweeted out a statement of congratulations to Trump after the election, but neither he nor his father endorsed Trump, who often mocked his brother Jeb throughout the GOP primary.

George H.W. Bush has confirmed that he will not be at the inauguration, according to his spokesman, Jim McGrath, who cited the 41st president’s age, 92, as the reason why he will skip.

Following tradition, all former presidents are invited to attend the ceremony on Jan. 20 when Trump will be sworn in. But not all living presidents have consistently attended the inaugurations of their successors.

President Barack Obama in 2009 enjoyed the presence of all four living presidents— both Bushes, Carter and Clinton — at his first inauguration, but the Bushes skipped Obama’s second event in 2013, citing George H.W. Bush’s compromised health.

Source: Truthmonitor

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