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BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Chose Our Next Supreme Court Justice! And the Winner Is…

The wait is finally over and you are gonna LOVE the results! After months and months of a long list and hints being dropped, Trump just made his BIGGEST announcement by far:

Donald Trump has just officially named Neil Gorsuch as the Supreme Court Justice of the Unites States of America to replace Antonin Scalia!

Gorsuch is really an absolutely incredible pick who all Americans can easily get on board with.

graduating class at Harvard Law School and then went on to dedicate his life to judgeship to serve the constitution he loves. I think that sounds perfect!

A few key things to know about Gorsuch are:

He is an adamant supporter of religious freedoms including for businesses

He does not believe the Court should make laws

He is a Constitution Originalist

He is a strong proponent of States’ rights and Interstate commerce

He is a social conservative

Oh, and did I mention he was the only judge to be elected UNANIMOUSLY by Congress for when George W Bush nominated him for The United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit?

So there you have it. Trump has delivered on his promise and picked a justice TRULY dedicated to defending our rights and the Constitution. Call up your senators and tell them to vote YES and share this EVERYWHERE so we can get him elected immediately!

Source: Libertywritersnews

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