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BREAKING: Donald Trump Just KILLED His Top Enemy. THIS is Real Leadership.

President Trump celebrated three huge wins this week. He secured thousands of jobs between the Charter Communications deal and passing the Keystone Pipeline, and now he’s claimed this military victory.

In keeping with his promise to crack down on radical Islamic terrorism, President Trump issued the order for an airstrike that ended the life of terrorist leader, and Al Qaeda member, Qari Yasin. 

Secretary of Defense James Mattis approved of the strike and said that “the death of Qari Yasin is evidence that terrorists who defame Islam and deliberately target innocent people will not escape justice.”

The airstrike conducted in Afghanistan succeeded by killing Qari Yasin. The prolific terrorist was a leader of the Pakistani branch of the Taliban and was responsible for the loss of many innocent lives, including two members of the American military.

Qari Yasin personally planned numerous terror attacks including the bombing of a Marriott hotel in the capital city of Pakistan. Dozens died in the bombing, including Air Force Major Rodriguez and Navy Technician and Officer Matt O’Bryant.

The terrorist was also behind the bombing of a Pakistani bus carrying members of the Sri Lankan cricket club. Eight died as a result of the attack, including six Pakistani policemen. Many more were injured.

Yasin was not just targeted for the role he played in previous attacks, but also to curtail future bombings. The terrorist was considered by other members of the Taliban to be the best trainer of Jihad when it came to explosives.

That is, Yasin was the Taliban’s bomb expert, who trained young Jihadists in the subtle art of suicide bombings. Many of his students are still at large.

The US military has been hunting Yasin for many years, but it took the concentrated effort of President Trump and General Mattis to achieve results. President Trump promised that he would take off the kids gloves and take the fight to the terrorist leaders, which is exactly what happened with this airstrike.

After former president Obama was successful in finding and killing Osama Bin Laden, he rested on his laurels and left a power vacuum in the Middle East. But, President Trump has reinvigorated the fight. I am certain that the death of terrorist leaders will be a common occurrence under president Trump, instead of a once-a-term affair like it was with Obama.

President Trump has his work cut out for him. The terrorist presence in the Middle East has been allowed to grow for eight years. Luckily, he is committed to using the full strength of our military to weed out radical Islamic terror.

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