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BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Immigration Speech STUNS The World! “There Will Be No…

Donald Trump announced he would be delivering a milestone speech on immigration in Phoenix tonight—and boy did he deliver.

In a packed house full of energized supporters, Trump laid out a detailed case for his immigration plan, spanning from the Mexico border to Syrian refugees, from illegal immigration to legal.

Trump and his campaign had spent some time this week and last in discussions about how his policies should be detailed, with one of the biggest questions being whether non-criminal illegals would be required to leave the country and re-enter legally.

Many of his supporters expressed concern that Trump was planning on softening his position on amnesty.  His full speech is below, but here is what he had to say about the process for illegal immigrants:

Trump could not be more clear: there will be no amnesty, no internal process for those who have broken the law.  If they are here illegally, they must return to their country of origin and apply legally.  Trump had lots of details to disclose.  Here are a few highlights:

1. Build a great wall on the southern border with sensors above and below ground.

2. No more catch and release.  They will be detained and penalized.

3. Zero tolerance for criminal aliens.  Hour one of Trump’s presidency, they are all being deported.

4. Funding will be blocked for sanctuary cities.

5. Obama’s executive amnesties will be canceled and all immigration laws will be enforced.

6. Ideological certification will be completed for all incoming immigrants to make sure those admitted love our values and our people.

This speech went a long way towards reassuring Trump’s supporters that he has not abandoned them in any way on his signature issue, while at the same time communicating to all Americans that he has thought long and hard about this issue.  Illegal immigration has plagued the U.S. for decades, but Trump cast a vision of a day, not long from now, when the cycle will be broken and our borders are once again secure.

Of course the media will pile on for his policy arguments, while Hillary hides away with her open borders policy singing kumbaya.  Don’t be surprised, though, if Americans are greatly encouraged by this speech and the polls trend further upward for Trump in the coming days.

Source: Patriotjournal

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