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Breaking: Famed Television Commentator’s Son Dies from Overdose On 29th Birthday

David Feherty, the former golf pro and current sports broadcaster, announced via Twitter on Tuesday morning that his son, Shey, has died from an overdose.

Shey, the oldest of Feherty’s children, died on his 29th birthday. The Irish Times reported that Shey died on Saturday, and the funeral will be held on Tuesday.

According to Shey’s obituary, he struggled with drug addiction and mental illness throughout his life.

“Shey fought hard to win his battles with drug addiction and mental illness, but in the end the monsters won,” the obituary reads. “The worry we felt watching Shey’s struggle with his addiction has now been replaced by a feeling of loss so deep, knowing we will never see his smiling face or beautiful eyes again. But through our heartbreak we share Shey’s story in the hope that it will touch another person who may battle with addiction either for themselves or for a loved one.”

Members of the golf community and other sports personalities have shared their condolences, and the Golf Channel has also released a statement.

Feherty has publicly shared his own struggles with substance abuse and noted that the disease runs in his family.

In a Rolling Stone interview in 2015, Feherty said that he battles depression as well and has been diagnosed with bipolar disease. Feherty told Rolling Stone that at one point in his life “A typical day was 30-40 Vicodin and two and a half bottles of whiskey … real whiskey. Whiskey with an ‘e.’ There was cocaine, there was dope. When I think about it now I’m like, ‘Why am I alive?’ ”

Feherty has been sober since 2005.

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