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BREAKING: Famous Reporter Makes TERRIFYING Announcement About What Obama Did To Her

In the space of eight years, Barack Obama managed to do untold damage to our country in every way that can be measured. His “transparent” presidency was a joke and a lie.

Now, another development in the Obama wiretapping scandal has been released by one of the country’s leading investigative journalists. Sharyl Attkisson has said that the Obama administration spied on her when she was investigating its scandals.

This comes hot on the heels of President Trump detailing how Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped during his election campaign, listening in on private conversations.

This type of behavior is like something out of Soviet Russia. It should not come as a surprise that more and more people are coming out of the woodwork to detail how they were spied on by the Obama administration.

Sharyl Attkisson started to notice some strange signs over the span of a few months. Her computer would turn itself on and off. She saw another computer delete files on its own.

She decided to have the devices looked at by some experts, and the results were shocking. Three independent forensic exams turned up evidence that points towards the Obama administration.

“The most important and irrefutable finding is: forensic evidence of a government-owned I.P. (internet protocol) address accessing my computer,” Attkisson said, via WND.

She even said the evidence of this was better than what the Obama administration had when they accused China of hacking into government computers.

Some of the things the investigators found are quite worrisome. For instance, some of the software that was used is “non-attributable” software, which is associated with various intelligence communities.

And it gets even worse. She also found out the malware that was used to tap into her computer was constantly running, monitoring everything from her email, her passwords, to her actual keystrokes on the computer. Literally, every move she made was being tracked.

CBS reportedly hired its own investigator, who found much of the same. They confirmed some very sophisticated measures were taken to infiltrate her computer and that her computer was used for various tasks without her authorization.

It is believed that the reason she was targeted by the Obama administration was her dealings with whistle-blowers.

This is typical of the Democrats these days but the liberal media continues to overlook at it. Much like Hillary, if you threaten their precious establishment, they will do anything to take you down.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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