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BREAKING – FBI Clears Trump, Makes Massive Announcement

Trump has insisted all along that he, and everyone in his camp, did not do anything wrong… and now we finally have an official verdict on the matter.

According to a new report, the FBI has cleared Trump as well as his administration in the now infamous “Russian” scandal…

After Hillary lost the election, she swore up and down the reason she lost the election was because Trump and the Russians colluded against her.

The liberal media ran with it as multiple CNN pundits and even Fox News‘ Shepard Smith insisted, with no proof mind you, that the Russians were behind Trump being elected.

Every liberal website on the planet has claimed some type of Russian conspiracy, and the Trump/Putin memes dominate their sites.

Of course, this all culminated in the dismissal of General Michael Flynn as our national security advisor even though, again, there was no proof that he did anything wrong or unbecoming of his post.

The new report says the reaching out by the Russians is something that happens to every administration as they test the waters, but there was no malice or wrongdoing here on the part of anyone within the Trump administration.

Fake news, and it cost Trump a cabinet member. It is proven, and now it should be all over the headlines, but it looks like NBC is one of the few outlets to take it on full bore.

While ABC also did a story on it, they downplayed the administration’s innocence, and some are saying they even just about dismissed the claim of innocence by the FBI as meaningless.

In other words, every liberal wants there to be a connection, so they will just override the truth and continue to say the Russians are using Trump as a puppet!

The lies continue patriots, but we are still winning BIG LEAGUE!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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